360 Strength

A 1-hour class focusing on strength training using dumbbells and/or bodyweight movements. This full-body workout includes movements with squats, lunges, shoulders, chest, back, and core. Weights range from 5lbs to 60lbs.

Class is suitable for all levels.

360 HIIT

A fast paced class featuring a series of core specific endurance and cardio intervals with just enough rest to recover before the intensity builds again. Expect a lot of variety with up beat music and exercises as you work at your best to burn calories. Includes TABATA, AMRAP, lots of CORE and ABS.

Class is suitable for all levels.

360 conditioning

A class providing individual spaces with weights and cardio equipment. Focusing on cardio and bodyweight movements. You can expect your own space with a mat beside your cardio machine for the entire class. Equipment includes treadmills, bikes, rowers, skiers and climbers. Must bring a towel and water bottle. 


Class is suitable for all levels.

360 advanced

An advanced athletic full body circuit challenge. Combining cardio burn segments with functional exercises mainly focusing on strength and core. This class tests your ability to exert maximum muscle strength.

Class is for intermediate to advanced exercisers.

360 - Back 2 Bascis 

Focusing on learning and executing safe effective movements (push, pull, hinge, squat, etc) to build a solid foundation. This class is the perfect starting point to get back into the gym, avoid injury, and increase confidence and performance. From here, you can progress to more challenging 360 classes. 


Class is suitable for all levels.

360 - athletic yoga

A class that bridges the breathing and stretching techniques of traditional Yoga with strength and muscular endurance principles of sport. Athletic Yoga is a well rounded class that compliments Strength and HIIT classes. 
Class is suitable for all levels. 

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