Meet the Team


Shaheed Keshvani – Head coach

Shady is a passionate fitness instructor and an athlete himself, as a member of Canada’s National Cricket team. Growing up playing provincial level soccer and AAA hockey, his love for the team environment and high performance became strong. He plays and coaches at the Toronto Cricket Skating and Curling Club and has extensive experience training athletes of all ages and skill levels.

His training style is very form specific and concentrates on posture and athleticism through all movement patterns. Shady also dabbles as a DJ, so his music always keeps the vibes positive.


Nsuani is regarded as a strong coach, people leader, and team player, gaining national recognition for developing, coaching, and mentoring top Personal Training teams across the country.
On the floor, he is a fierce competitor leveraging his past NCAA athletic experience (football/track & field) into workouts designed for strength, power, and peak performance.
When he isn’t training Nsuani enjoys time with his wife Erin, son London, and daughter Cj, in their Riverdale home - swimming, playing soccer, and practicing gymnastics,  or enjoying the RnB and classic Hip Hop. 


Brandon Ianuzzi - COACH

Brandon is a fitness professional with a degree in Kinesiology, 200 hr Yoga teacher training and holds multiple certifications in training. He is a lifetime athlete and has over 15 years of experience in coaching, training and therapy.

Brandon follows a multifaceted approach to movement, which leads to a creative, diversified and ever-changing way of teaching. He is consistently learning and adapting to the growing landscape of physical movement, as he drives his own practice through the knowledge and experience of others.

Kaylee miller  - COACH

Before graduating with honours from a BASc Psychology program, Kaylee competed in her first powerlifting meet in March 2018, squatting 245lb, deadlifting 275lb, and benching 135lb. Her philosophy is simple;  identify your goals, in the gym and in real life, and consistently show up for yourself. Kaylee is a huge proponent of personalized fitness and helping others find ways to implement activity and healthy habits into their busy routines.
She has recently applied to 4x Master of Science in Occupational Therapy (MScOT) programs, and will be blending her passion for exercise science with her knowledge of human psychology and behaviour change.

marilyn robinson - COACH

Marilyn Robinson is a NASM Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist and Personal Trainer.

Ms. Robinson is dedicated to helping her patients create lasting physical and health changes. She develops comprehensive functional training programs to address asymmetries and improve symptoms that are caused from injury. In her practice, she also performs subjective assessments and Functional Movement Screens to understand how lifestyle, health history and occupation may contribute to a patient’s dysfunction or future injury.

Ms. Robinson is passionate about challenging and inspiring her patients to perform at a fitness level that improves their lifestyle. She has experience working with individuals of all ages and abilities and has experience developing pre-surgery and post-rehabilitation exercise programs for medical condition or physical dysfunctions.

When she’s not training patients, Ms. Robinson likes to work out and stay active.

ana diaz - COACH

Ana is an unconventional coach. She is a hybrid.  She was not born an athlete but her growth mindset led her to explore different athletic techniques and disciplines to understand how to move and exercise without pain, develop body strength, endurance, and unleash the greatest mental and physical potential in herself and others, to grow their athletic performance.

Ana developed a unique training style based on the foundations of Functional Range Conditioning, Mobility, Body Flow, and Functional Strength Training combined with Cardiorespiratory Training Components, to deliver efficient workout programs to her clients. 

Ana’s extremely caring personality and clientele's personal development focus, have helped her to connect and engage easily with the people she trains. As your coach, she will not only be taking special attention to what your body and mind require, but she will also be pushing you forward, keeping you accountable to unleash your athletic potential.


As a by-product of Ana’s training method, you will develop healthy habits to feel at your best, while also crushing your goals, staying motivated, and having fun with an effective and creative training format.


kalle mcclennan - COACH

Kalle takes holistic, yet individualized approach to coaching, through the integration of specific training, nutrition and lifestyle considerations. 

As a former rower who stands 5’10’’ tall with long limbs, she believes that tailoring an individuals’ training to their structural framework enhances movement quality and performance. By viewing the body as a collection of angles within movements, exercise selection and execution can be individualized for optimal training efficiency. This principle helps clients achieve both aesthetic and performance goals.

Tisha Henry

Tisha has had this passion for fitness since her mid 20’s when family and friends used to tease her about her small frame and physique. She decided to do something about it because she was tired of all the negative talk. Tisha turned to the gym and began lifting weights and enjoyed the changes in her physique. due to this new found love of training, she decided to educate herself more about fitness in order to help others feel the same sense of empowerment that she felt.

Tisha has been a certified personal trainer for over 4 years and has been instructing for 2 years. her belief that fitness is a lifestyle is something she wishes to share with every class.

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